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That's a tough one.

I'd figure out how much the NAV is worth to you. I bought used with's cool, but not worth the cash if you're buying new.

Next issue is how many miles do you really put on a car? Will you keep the truck for a Lifetime? If you're putting on 30K per year, maybe the lifetime powertrain warranty is worth it. Go ahead and ask them for full disclosure on what maintenance items must be done at the dealership and the cost for each one.

While most of my Hondas have been trouble free....things do go wrong, so having the warranty in your back pocket may give you peace of mind....which is priceless.

If it's me and 4K makes no difference, I'd get the new. With that being said...I'm very poor, so I bought a used RTL with 70K, plus the Honda 100K warranty for 17,5 from a member here on the board.....I rolled the dice.
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