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new wheels/tires

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sup y'all..

just picked up my wheels/tires yesterday...they are 20" tsw mondellos on 275-45-20 falken tires..i got the hyperblack color w/a polished lip..just a little different from all the chrome out there..

let me know what u think..



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Nice set of wheels/tires, bro. Really looks good on your Ridgeline. :cool:
looks great! How is the ride? what about the speedo and the TPMS? Did that work out OK?
The wheels contrast well with the Nighthawk Black. I would like to know how the TPMS works with those wheels. :cool:
sup sup..

thanks for the comments..the ride is fine..i have a few friends and they have 22" and 24" on their trucks..i feel that the ride is a bit bouncy w/their tires due to the lack of tire sidewall...

as far as the tpms goes...i had them keep the original tpms on the oem wheels/tires..i will swap out the tires when i take the ridge to the mountains or possibly offroading..i had darkside motoring order a set of tpms sensors from honda and put them on the new set of wheels/tires..worked out great! i believe sensors are anywhere from $45-55 per sensor (unless or collegehillshonda can get them cheaper (free plug..hehehe)..

i am planning on getting the headrest monitors soon...i will post pix asa i get them..
Nice wheels and great truck color.

Definitely post a follow-up on the headrest monitors as I think that is the way I am going to go for rear seat entertainment.
yeah me too. I do notice that there is a large angle to the headrest,hopefully that won't be a problem. What about running wire through a seat with airbags? Anyone have any experience with that? That makes me worry a little. The last after market DVD I had installed took me going back 4 times until it was correct. If it is a new car for the installer, I think ther is a lot of guesing going on as was my last case.

I posted a Navi/AUX question you guys have NAVI? if so can yoou give your input on my q?? much appreciated?
I too have thought about other options other than the Honda OEM drop down DVD system there way too proud of that to be an option (I think over $1,200.00). I think the headrest option may be the cleanest and best install option. I was at a Sam’s Club (Wal-Mart) today and had seen a 17” Wide Screen LCD TV with side loading DVD Player integrated to the unit for $699.00, the whole unit was not very thick, don’t think my mind was not going and trying to think how to mount that in my ridge.

hey gonzo..

i actually bought a cheap unit from walmart that included 2 5" lcd units and a dvd player..had outputs for gaming systems and the volume on the actual lcd units..only purchased it because we don't always take the same car when we go on trips..worked great but wires were everywhere..want a much cleaner install on the ridge
Those tires are almost the same exact size as the OE tires. There should not be a significant difference on the speedo.

Those wheels look really good but the large diameter makes the disc rotors look a bit inadequate. The mondellos are available in an 18 but not 17.
The catalunya is available in a 17 and hyperblack.
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Cool wheels, I can't wait to get mine. I just have to pick them out and get the TPM Sensors ordered. Looks Great.
hey ripncarz..

what kind of wheels are u getting?
Either Branzach BZ-11 (can be seen at or Oasis B1 (can be seen at or I wish I could afford the Lexani VP 3 piece but there about 1k + each (can be seen at It takes forever to make a decision with one exception. Buying the Ridgeline was love at first test drive!
Like the looks of the wheels on your ride, nice.
What did they rock you for the TSW with tires. I've been seeing prices all over the place from 2000 with tires to 2000 without.

Looks good by the way Tang
hi all..

here is how the ride looked after purchasing the 20" rims last year..just got it lowered today and will pick it up tomorrow...will post pix easter sunday...




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do the tires rub at all? i am set to get mine next week with the same size tires and want to make sure before it is too late to change the tire size...

and why does everyone care about the TPSM soo much? cant you see when your tires have low pressure? how hard is it to check them yourself every once in awhile? i dont see why its such a big deal
If one slowly loses pressure in flight you maybe avoid catastrophic failure. This is what they are for. Remember the Firestone Exploder problem?
hi KoP..

wheels and tires don't rub at all! i'm thinking the ridge will handle better will a lower won't regret it!!
Man i ordered my truck a month and a half ago!! i already have my rims, tires, and have ordered my rain guards, bug shield, sunroof visor, and 3M fender protector,as well as other things.... Now all i need is the truck, but this link has helped me determine which things to get without having to experiment. Hopefully one day soon i can post my pic as well:eek:
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