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RL prices have recently been posted on this forum at significantly less than invoice. One I recall was $1400 under. Invoice prices can be found at the sites mentioned by others here, like Edmunds.

When I bought in Sept, I paid slightly over invoice. Prices have come down a lot. I don't agree with the post that car-buying programs are all the same. I started with asking for the Costco price, and it was a joke. The Costco deal was only $500 under MSRP for the Ridgeline, very different from their deals on most other vehicles (I saw the list, most were $250-$500 over invoice). I think I ended up paying about $1500 less than the Costco price. The Edmunds "target" price was also much higher than I paid. It is supposed to be based on actual prices paid in your region, but in a falling market it makes sense that it will lag.

Check around, send emails, search threads here to get actual deals made. It made all the difference to me to go into the showroom confident that I knew what I was talking about so I could politely negotiate with them to a reasonable price. Turned out the GM of my dealer aplogized to me at the end and gave me my price, because I knew what the costs were, and he apparently didn't. I stuck to my guns and it paid off.

Good luck, and good choice on color. GO WHITE!
Let us know how you do.

...oh, and BTW....Welcome to the ROC!
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