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I posted an article on 'internet pricing your truck'. Just do the same thing for your dealers in Texas. Now is a SUPER time to buy!
Also, do a TON of research on the Hondacare (warranty). We were not interested in the extended warranty, but got a major LINE at the dealership. There is a guy on this forum who will give it to you at COST.
Also, we heard if you are a current CostCo can get it for $1000 (at least here in CA). We were originally quoted around $1800, and the jerk finance manager didn't give us ANYTHING to look at (to see what was covered under the HondaCare package).Make sure you get paperwork BEFORE to see what all is covered under the extended warranty package.
Again, do your homework, etc.
Many banks, credit unions, etc., will also offer extended warranty coverage for FAR LESS than the dealer.
Another note: if the dealer sells it, they are making a huge profit on a smart buyer and do your homework!
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