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You gotta love these forums! I started my quest for a new vehicle 2 months ago and worked my way through all the SUV's out there and came to the decision that a mid-size pickup would fit the bill best for my active lifestyle, much better then my Audi SQ5 did.
After I decided which best fit my needs, I took to the net to find upgrades (I love the truck but wasn't crazy about a few things, mostly the stock wheels). Thanks to this site and many of the members, I found a number of must do's (wheels/tires, level kit, tonneau cover, stereo upgrades).
Pic attached. I had the wheels/tires on the day after I picked it up. Those and the level kit were huge in making the "look" of this truck, at least for me. (By the way, I have a set of stock RTL-E wheels and tires (25 miles on them) that I'd love to sell to anyone in the Philly area that might be looking for a set. Msg me at [email protected] if interested.)
Thanks and I look forward to seeing more interesting upgrades, etc..., from you guys.


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Congrats on your new RL and welcome to the ROC!

I've noticed a lot of Audi owners end up buying Ridgelines when they decide they need a truck in their lives. After two Audi A4 Turbos, I wanted a truck and every other truck required me to give up too much in terms of ride comfort and economy. :)
Congrats on your, New G2

Welcome to the ROC.

Good Luck and Enjoy the Ride!
Nice truck.
Wish I could afford wheels and tires
You will never regret pulling the trigger on that baby. Welcome.
Truck looks great - congrats! Welcome to the ROC!
Welcome! I'm coming up on 6 months on mine and have yet to do any real mods, though wheels/tires, tonneau and leveling kit are all on my radar... just not my budget, yet. LOL!

Looks great, btw! Congrats!
Congrats on your purchase & Welcome to the ROC! Looks sharp!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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