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Stopped in at Madison Honda in Madison, NJ to look at a new Black Edition (BE). The sales gentleman retrieved the keys and then proceeded to say that because this was the only BE on the lot customers were not allowed to test drive it and furthermore the dealer had posted an addendum to the window sticker indicating a $5,000+ "upcharge" to reflect the market value of the vehicle. I laughed and said I'd just buy a plane ticket to Atlanta, drive one back to NJ and still save $5,000+. Unbelievable! Want to buy one but can't drive it and an outrageous premium over MSRP of $5,000! WTF! Scratched that dealer off my list. Honda should be embarrassed over dealer gouging. If pervasive and allowed to continue this will damage their brand more than a recall. Such a shame, looked like a great truck.
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