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No key/fob replacements available?!

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I went to my dealer to get a replacement key fob for my 2021 RL. Dealer says there are none available in Honda Parts network, that they have been back ordered for months. When I asked when I might see one, he shrugged his shoulders.

Really? Lose this key and I have a $40k blue doorstop?

Any ideas?

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Has anyone tried the aftermarket (non-Honda) fobs that are available?
I do have reg AAA which has some level of key coverage as i remember. Thanks, i wouldn't have thought of that.
Just call AAA for the form to submit with your receipts.

I assume plans vary slightly by State, but FYI, here are the levels of locksmith coverage in Washington:
See less See more Missouri - it's only $150 for Premier Locksmith coverage.
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