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Northwoods black RTL

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Just broke 1000 miles.
Almost 21 MPG on this trip. :)
Rained the entire time, first time the truck got wet.
No leaks! :cool:
Here are some shots.


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very nice..........
Great shots, love the background. I don't get to see to many actual woods from my subtropic location.
Drive it in good health
yes, the closest Woodwork area near me is Angeles Crest Forest. Anyone live near mammoth or Yosemity, that would be a great background picture for the RL. Even a small amature commercial clip going up the back door to yosemity where the Dodge ram commercial use as a back drop for their brake gain sensor for towing a trailer.
Here is one with hardly any trees. :)
Had 20% tint put on the front a week ago.
Looks so much better. :cool:


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