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Not another "Check Fuel Cap" thread...

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Hi everyone! So, strange situation. I feel like the stealership is being super shady...

So, I bought a used 2011 Ridgeline RTL about a month ago. Loving the truck so far, I made the dealership fix a few minor things a week after I bought it. However, the "check fuel cap" light has been coming on since I bought it.

Every day, sometimes a few times a day. I can press the "Select" button, and it goes away for a while, but comes right back.

I looked to google first for a solution. The general consensus was to replace the gas cap, or to try to screw it on tighter. Like 15 clicks. I made the dealership replace the cap, and I make sure its on there VERY tight.

It's still happening.

I have taken it back again, and they did every "Evap test" that they can do, and they said that there is nothing mechanically wrong with it. The code is showing loose gas cap, but they verified that it's on there tight enough. They said its going to be an intermittent problem, and basically, that I just have to deal with it.

The only solution would be to just start throwing parts at it to try to fix what ever is causing the fault.

They also said, that I would have to pay for that out of pocket as there is no mechanical fault.

What else can I try?
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I looked up my state's lemon law:

Does that mean it has to fit all those criteria? It has been in 3 times for this same issue, but it's a 2011, so obviously not 2 years old or less.

Also, how does one go about "Ask for a Honda rep to contact you and discuss the situation." Do I email corporate Honda of America?
Just tell the dealer you want to speak to the Honda rep.... they are obligated to put you in touch. They should either give you a phone number or a time to come back for an appointment with him/her.

Joe??? Is there another way??
Ok gotcha :D

I just picked the truck back up today, and got paperwork showing that it's been in 3 times for the same issue, and it isn't resolved.

I asked for the honda rep's info, and the lady at the counter said she didn't know and to call back on Monday and ask a guy. She gave me his info.

Should I just call the Honda 800 number?
I had a similar problem with my 2010 RL. Dealer found a "dead spider" in one of the hoses (vacuum, vent, I don't know cause they didn't say). But after said bug removal, never had another check fuel cap warning.
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