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Put a new coil pack in, cleared the code. Took the truck down the road, and same issues and check engine light came on, same P0304 code. Mechanic believes that we got a bad coil pack. Ordered another, and we will install first thing tomorrow morning.

I will post again, to let you know if the second coil pack fixes the issue.
I'm always suspicious when supposedly new, out of the box parts fail to fix a problem and the first thing the mechanic says is that the new part must be bad, so let's try another one. Was the replacement coil OEM or an aftermarket part.

I'm a cheapskate by nature and am always looking for a less expensive part, but with the Ridgeline I'm finding out if it don't say Honda on the box, it ain't going fix your problem. I'm sure there are ways to check a coil pack to see if it's good or not. If you mechanic hasn't done so, look for another mechanic.
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