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I used the Palm version of this product for many years. In fact, I still have the Palm IIIx and ODB II to serial adapter, although it's becoming less compatible with newer vehicles since most have migrated to CAN bus now. The newest versions of any scan tool hardware typically support CAN communications.

Keep in mind that aftermarket solutions are limited in what they can read. If you are only looking to read "P" codes from the engine and transmission along with a few basic parameters like fuel trim, then I recommend product.

You can sometimes find aftermarket solutions that will read ABS or airbag codes, but you're pretty much out of luck for systems such as climate control. The Ridgeline has some limited ability to display codes from some systems such as climate control, VTM-4, and "instrument cluster" through jumpers and/or button combinations without the use of a scan tool.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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