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Odyssey Conversation Mirror + Ambient Light Upgrade + Homelink in 09 RTS

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OK - First off I do not take credit for figuring this out. This has been done on the ROC before with detailed write ups that I will be referencing.

Parts you will need:
A Odyssey or Pilot Overhead console + Conversation Mirror + Homelink off of Ebay. - It is way cheaper that buying the parts individually. Search for Honda Homelink and look for a unit that resembles the one in the picture.
Computer jumper cables - I recommend a 6-pin jumper. (This is optional - you may get a harness with your part off of Ebay).
Ambient Light-Choose your color from this page.
Three Posi-Taps or a wire tap of your choice.

Optional: LED upgrade for your overhead console.

1) Replace Map Light using instructions that were posted by redisant (Thread, Instructions)
Trimming of the bulb is required.

2) Optional - If you are replacing the LED (not the map light but the interior one) using the link I provided make sure and tape off the back of the LEDs with electrical tape as contact with the metal on the back of the console will cause them to short out. (Information taken from here).

3) Remove the old console using the instructions provided in Step 1.

4) Attach jumper to the wire harness using these instruction originally posted by SCRocs here.

From the 10-pin roof console connector (green):

Position 1 - Red/Blue wire to Black wire of 4-pin compass harness (ground)
Position 4 - Red/Black wire to Yellow wire of 4-pin compass harness (hot at On or Start)
Position 5 - Black wire to Black wire of 4-pin compass harness (ground)
Position 6 - White/Blue wire to White/Blue wire of 3 pin map light harness (hot at all times)

Test Connections - make sure they work and put it back together.


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