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On my second Michelin Ltx M/S2 tires. I had to go with a little wider ''255'' bc they did not come in 245 mm width. Tires have been good...

I am going back to the oem size 245-65-17 and looking at the Micheline AT2 Tire and the Toyo Open County At2 tire. I do not want a real aggressive tread however, I tow a boat up and down and pretty steep incline at the ramp so a little agressive tread will be nice. Keep in mind I do not have any problems towing with my current Michelins, just want something a little different

How are these tires working out for all the current owners ? Do they still give a good ride and yield good fuel burn.

Unless someone can talk me into a different tire that is better in all categories than its prolly between these two,,,
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