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I think the trick with the RL (and any stock 4X4 for that matter) is to take things slowly when off road. I think reminding myself that the truck has to get me to work on Monday helps keep me in check.

I have driven over 600 miles on fire trails in my 07, and I have 110k miles on the truck overall. Surprisingly the ball joints and tie rod ends show no signs of wear, and my steering rack has not started leaking...yet (knock on wood). My struts aren't leaking externally, but the ride quality and thump noises I'm hearing from the rear tell me it might be time for new ones.

I change the engine oil with Mobile 1 synthetic based on the maintenance minder, and I drain/fill the transmission fluid at every other oil service (Honda fluid).

I use synthetic engine oil and I over-service the transmission because the 2-3 times per year that we travel those fire trails, the outside temp is 90+ degrees and the roads are steep, rocky, and very dusty. The truck is also loaded with three people and all of our camping gear.

Search for ROC member S.T.U.V on here and watch his videos. For a mini-van based "truck", does a decent job.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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