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Oil Filter Deflector

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Yeah these pictures suck I'll admit... No doubt this mod has been posted here but I'm a new Ridgeline owner so I figure why no post it. Same BS as my K24's the filter can't help but pee on the subframe, this is my first pro-type. I'll snap some HD pics this week on the 2nd version. All-in-all it didn't spill a drop on the subframe...


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Nice job Bross, I've done different things hadn't thought to make something semi perminate maybe a pic looking up from the bottom. Were you able to use existing holes or tap new
Here is my 2nd oil filter deflector attempt. I used 28G galvanized steel and two small magnets at the bottom to hold the funnel in place. I will probably use some HondaBond in the corners just for extra precautions. Carsmak it's meant to be used only during oil changes. I used cardboard the first time but having to hold it in place while it drips sucks.
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I made similar with a 5 Qt oil bottle & a stanley knive (cut half off skinny-wise the whole middle & lower section (left top full width). It just tucks up in there when I do the filter. You DO have to leave the lid on the bottle, LOL. Works fine.
I've had pretty good luck putting a shop towel across the frame below the filter and using a quart sized freezer ziplock baggie around the filter.

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I am hoping that this tool will come to market soon. If not, I may try to fashion something similar.

I just use a used priority mail box that is about 10 inches log and form a U around the filter - the oil leaks down the cardboard and I dispose of the cardboard with the paper towels I clean up after.

We always seem to have two or three boxes in the recycle bin. I used to use a half gallon milk jug with the bottom and sides cut out to guide the oil but after watching the mechanics at the honda dealer use cardboard, went that way too.
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