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Oil Pressure sender location

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Would someone have a diagram of the oil sender unit location ?

Any idea of the thread size of the oil pressure sensor plug-in ?
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oil pressure switch


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Good. That helps. So apparently by firewall and same side as oil filter. Will have to figure out the thread size later. Thank you.
why is there 2 oil sending unit images that are different. 1st gen 2007 ridgeline

I can't tell exactly where these are located. I know mine is accessible when the right front tire is off - is supposed to be visible there.
I would assume thats this 1st image... but where's the 2nd image located?


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I believe the first image is the VTEC oil pressure sensor. The engine oil pressure sensor is right behind it.

See the expanded image here and the attached pic. The engine oil pressure sensor is hiding behind the VTEC sensor in my pic.... which was taken to highlight the engine block drain which is above and to the left of the engine oil pressure sensor.




Both can be found in the FSM on pages 8-5 and 11-261.
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