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One parking lot, two silvers

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One with a few exterior accessories, one without.

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It would have been better Six, if you'd moved next to or directly across from the other RL. And from here I'm thinking that was an '06, only that year did the 17" alloy's have the embossed 'H' center cap.

Back in the day there was a ROC brochure which had some quotes and promoted the site. I printed about a dozen early on and would place them in RL windshields, took me like a year to unload them all. Wonder what happened to that PDF.....

Actually they are both accessorized, one has custom headlight, non RL OEM Honda wheels, upgraded antenna, blacked out front grill...

The other has OEM Roof Rack, and Silver Sportwings...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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