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Out With Toyota - In With 2014 Honda Sport

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Hello Everyone! :act030:

As a multi previous Toyota PU owner, I recently began looking for another vehicle as my last Toyota Tacoma ('99) was bought back by the manufacturer due to frame rust a little over a year ago.

Naturally, there were times my car simply wasn't cutting it. Especially during the winter months. So, it was time to trade the car in and get another vehicle. All wheel drive? 4-Wheel drive?

For me, it was between a new Tacoma or Ridgeline. I really don't need a "truck" per say as I don't 4-wheel, etc. Like Toyotas very much as I've never had a "bad one" but I'm 6'2" and are tad tall for the Tacoma but still comfortable. The Ridgeline has plenty of room. Of course, each vehicles has it's pros and cons.

Test rode a couple new Tacoma double cab 4x4's and one Honda Ridgeline. Ended up locking in a 2014 Tacoma at a dealer I had done business with in the past. Then, the dealer pissed me off. Long story short, there was a delay due to someone not being up on their e-mails at the dealership and lack of communication between the salesman and myself. Rubbed me the wrong way. So, slightly ticked and... stubborn, I bounced around yesterday looking at a couple other Toyota and Honda dealers to see what was in stock. Well, fast forward... I bought a new 2014 Honda Ridgeline Sport yesterday. :act024:



This morning, I sent the Toyota dealership a sweet, polite e-mail stating I would not be following through with the purchase of the Tacoma. E-mailed the same copy to the salesman, the finance guy who was the biggest problem and the company President. Like they care I suppose.

That being said. This is my first Honda. If she is good to me and handles the snow like I've seen in videos online and all, she'll be a keeper unless the next model is much better. But, that's awhile down the road anyways so... wish me good luck!
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Great looking truck and color choice, I love my 2012 Sport in Alabaster Silver :)
Thank you. For me, the big test will be how she handles the snow. Other than that, as long as the Ridge is trouble free and service department does good, she's a keeper for awhile.

Pictures with Romik step boards and Access Roll-Up Tonneau cover.



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Sharp looking truck, congrats. Our Ridgeline is the go to vehicle for anywhere we go even though we have 2 other vehicles that get better MPG. We find it very comfortable. The space you had the milk jug also works very well for the square Styrofoam containers many restaurants give for go boxes. The snow we had last year didn't even phase the Ridgeline, if anything I was going too fast since the control felt so confidence inspiring. The snow in NY is probably deeper than western NC but the Ridge will handle most of it well. I suppose if the snow is deep the 8 inch ground clearance would hinder successful travel. But since the ridge has almost perfect 50/50 weight distribution your better off than a pick up with the light rear. My only complaint about the ridge is that they use a timing belt which requires service at 105k intervals. Wifes new subi has a chain, no service required.
Thanks for the comments and input Rob and welcome to the ROC.

I have a very steep public road leading to my driveway. Not going out looking for snow to drive in nor do I need to go and travel during bad weather usually but certainly expect the Ridge to get me home. And yes, the Ridgeline should actually be better than a typical open wheel "4 Wheel Drive" truck. Might test it out in 2 days as a snow storm is heading this way. GRRRR
I didn't see any mention earlier about winter tires. Those are still called for. I recommend Michelin X-Ice, and wish that I had them instead of Toyo G-02's (which are also quite good, but not the top of the heap). Blizzaks also work very well, but only last about half as long as X-Ice, so they are effectively double the price.
I love that hand painted pinstripe. Did the dealer add that, or was it from another source?
I'm about to purchase a new Ridgeline in silver and I think it adds a nice touch!
Welcome to the ROC and thank you. :act030:

The painted pinstripe was added while on the dealer showroom floor. I got the striping included in the price for nothing extra compared to another model without on the lot.
Paid her off today. :act024: Nice to have a vehicle with around 10K on the odometer and paid for.

To update this thread:

In general, I am still pleased with the Ridgeline though service has been a BIG negative to me. "Truck" has been trouble free. Comfort for ME on longer rides is not the best. Driver side window "rattles" when not fully closed.

Only other mods to date. A Street Guardian SG9665GC Dashcam. Working well. Detailed install can be found here.




The Ridgeline has fit my needs to date and will probably have for awhile. Time will tell.
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Too bad it does not fit you comfort-wise. The only way you find those things out sometimes is by having the car for a while. Good Luck however it works out.
I have noticed complaints on the ridges when they are new as far as comfort goes. My seats have 175k on them and they are cushy. Wonder if they just take awhile to break in.

And what do you mean BIG negative on service?
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