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Twice in the last few weeks my Ridgeline lost nearly all response from the throttle. This was accompanied by a check engine light. The first time it was a P2176. Yesterday, I received a P2101 and P2176.

The first time this happened, about a week ago I turned the truck off and then back on again and the issue was more or less resolved. I reset the check engine light and I thought the issue was a fluke. Yesterday, this issue occurred about 5 miles from home. However this time resetting the check engine light and restarting did nothing to resolve the matter.

From what I can tell from what I've read, this is an issue with the throttle body unit. I purchased a used one that should be here any day. I will see if installing a good used one will resolve the issue. If not, I'll try a reman unit.

Are there serviceable parts on these throttle bodies? Is it a matter of cleaning, or did a mechanical or electrical component likely fail?

Has anyone experienced this? Did replacing the throttle body unit resolve this? What else was needed?

Info, in case this is relevant
Year - 2006
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That is an issue with the actuator motor and ECU not seeing the throttle plate going back to the reset position.

Have you looked at the position and condition of the throttle plate? Remove the inlet tube and see what the plate looks like.

You may just have to do a throttle body cleaning and then do the idle learn procedure. There could be some carbon build up or something stuck on the throttle body or plate not allowing it to fully close. Worse case would be that there is a tooth or two missing inside the throttle actuator box.

Here is a link to the idle learn procedure; Idle learn procedure

I had this happen once in the winter after we had a rainy day followed immediately buy a -20c day. Ice formed on my throttle plate and threw these codes.

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Thanks @GhostYK1. I should have started it up first, but I did spray the throttle plate and some of the inside of the throttle body. I was able to get pedal action back and I was able to reset the code without it coming right back. It could be because it sat overnight and had time to cool. The three times this has happened were when it was hot 90 F+ and in the afternoon after some local driving.

I have a used spare throttle body on order. I may just clean that up and swap it out if/when this happens agian.

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One of the biggest problems with having the ability to plug in and read codes is you stop thinking about the problem looking for REAL answers...

EVERYTHING today is circuit controlled, circuits need to be rebooted occasionally...
No matter what you are dealing with, before getting physical, reboot it...
I had a refrigerator go out 5 years ago, I unplugged it, counted to 10 and plugged it back in, still running great
Reboot the throttle...

This was posted by "34Mhz", and it changes everything...
Resetting the Throttle Sensor: (This is stupid simple)
  • Turn key to the On position, do not start the engine
  • Turn off all electronics, radio, A/C, etc...
  • Slowly press the gas pedal to the floor and hold (should take 5-7 seconds)
  • Turn the key off and wait 2 seconds
  • Turn the key to the On position again
  • Slowly release the gas pedal, again 5-7 seconds
  • Turn the key off
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