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P2646 Code

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I recently experienced the infamous "Flashing D" problem in my 2010 RT, which is another problem for another thread. Anyway, I read the codes the truck was putting out and one of the codes was:

P2646 Mod $11
A Rockerarm
System Performance /
Stuck Off (bank 1)

Does anyone have any good online resources that might go more into detail about this they could point me to? I haven't had great luck in researching this code and possible resolutions so far.

Thank you!
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Quick google search shows to first check the oil level and ensure proper oil level.
2nd of the finds shows that changing the engine oil resolved this issue.
When was the last time engine oil was changed?
3rd findings were related to:
--Oil pressure Switch & Rocker Arm oil Pressure Switch.
There is a video on youtube that a guy shows cleaning these screens also.
Here is the test for the oil pressure switch and the location of the rocker arm pressure switch.
Testing the Rocker switch looks more intricate with lots of details. I'll have to see about cropping those later.
Some pics for now:


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There are some really good threads on here regarding the "flashing D" issue if you want to take the time to search. Sorry I can't point you to them.
If I recall, there are some small, fairly inexpensive components (switches or sensors?) on the tranny that can cause (& fix) this.
Good Luck.
I too recently have used a "Blue Tooth" toy called "Fixd" on my 06' RTL Ridgeline to which it also threw up this code: P2646

"Rocker Arm Oil Pressure Switch Circuit Low Voltage"

It was able to gather the following diagnostic information on February 3rd, 2018:

Calculated engine load: 32.9 %
Engine coolant temperature: 177.8 F
Short term fuel trim—Bank 1: 9.38 %
Long term fuel trim—Bank 1: 1.56 %
Short term fuel trim—Bank 2: 5.47 %
Long term fuel trim—Bank 2: 0.0 %
Intake manifold absolute pressure: 33 kPa
Engine RPM: 4638.0 rpm
Vehicle speed: 52.79 mph
Timing advance: 35.0 degrees
Intake air temperature: 60.8 F
Throttle position: 26.3 %
Relative throttle position: 20.0 %

It also gives the following additional info via the app:

"A rocker arm is a lever that is used to open your engine's intake and exhaust valves. Certain engines can use the rocker arms to vary how much the valves open allows the engine to make more power at higher RPMs. If the actuators that control these rocker arms are not functioning properly, the engine may not make as much power as it could or the engine could run poorly."

I'm not exactly sure what to do at this point (not a mechanic, I'm in IT... but I'd like to pretend I like to know what the heck I'm doing).

While the above info Skelley521 provided sounds easy to review, I'm not exactly sure what all needs to be preformed other then performing an Oil Pressure Switch Test at this point. I was recently advised by a co-worker whom use to work as a mechanic long ago to clear the code in my Fixd app & to see if it comes back & note when it does. I recently replaced the Oil & Filter back on February 15th, 2018 (mileage then was 181,961) using the recommended 5W-30 (Mobil 1 High Mileage). I'm currently at 184,964 as it's my commuter for now.

Q: I'm wondering how much damage am I doing to the Ridgeline without getting this properly looked at?


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