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Pac swi rc steering control questions

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I've done a little searching and have an idea of how this things is wired. Looking for a little help. Red to red, black to black and white to the green/red if I'm correct. Feel free to jump in if that's wrong lol. My questions pertain to the brown wire, pin 11 I think, to the black and the use of a resistor. Do I just use a jumper to tap the brown to the black on the vehicle side of the harness or do I need to cut and solder them? Any suggestion? Also I've read about some using a resistor between the white and red. Those seem to be older posts so I'm not sure if that's needed now and could someone explain to me the why and what for of that? Thanks for any help.
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No clue what you're talking about.... a little background might be in order.
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sure. I'll be installing a new pioneer HU with Bluetooth, XM ect... I bought the pac steering wheel control module for the RL and pioneer. The directions say to wire the red to red, blacks(two of them on the module) to black and the white wire to the green/red of the trucks factory harness. It also says for trucks with the 'mode' button wire the brown in pin# 11 to the black. My question is can I just tap one to the other or use a jumper.... Not sure what to do there. Also I've read that people have had to use resistors somewhere because the pac wasn't working. I can't find a definitive thread on what and why for that. Just looking for some help.
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I actually was researching this a little while ago, but instead decided to install a Maestro steering control interface, but have you checked the Pac website for instructions?

Step 2 says t-taps are not recommended.
I have the website up with the RL specific instructions. Doesn't mention t taps though. I would make a more secure connection more than likely. Was hoping some guys on here had some experience with this.
T-taps aren't recommended, but they worked fine in my case. I used them for connecting the white wire to green/red and also for running the brown wire to a ground. I figured if they didn't work, I could always cut and solder, but the taps were more easily reversible and easier to install as well. I used one of the mounting bolts as a ground and it works fine. No need for resistors in my 07 with a Kenwood head unit.
Thanks Beatle. That's the info I needed
Does the steering control interface eliminate the aux input on the back of the hu? I would like to have an aux input as well as the USB input. I have the pioneer avh Bluetooth hu going in.
Never mind. Found the answer to my question
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