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Pearl Automation Inc. (Pearl), founded on the belief that all drivers should have access to the latest car features, today announces RearVision, the advanced backup camera and alert system that installs in minutes. RearVision enables a super-wide view of the area behind your vehicle in both day and night — with high-definition video streamed wirelessly to your phone — and is the first to provide feature enhancements through automatic updates.

This backup camera costs $499.99. Reportedly installs in minutes. No need to disassemble your RL.

Is it worth it? I'm not much of a DIYer so I never considered installing a backup system but the image looks impressive.

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You can get lots of wireless back up cameras for less then 100 bucks and no need to worry about another app on the phone.

Check amazon.

So my vote is no, it may be nice but it's WAYYYYY over priced.
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