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I think I'm having the same issue with with 2006. Oil gathers on the oil pan near the drain plug. I do have some oil where the "inspection plate" is located near the center of the engine bay, but the majority of the oil is near the pan.

At my local Grease Monkey, they showed me a bolt where the oil was leaking from. They thought it might be part of the timing belt procedure and that by doing that maintenance item might correct the issue...but they said they weren't real sure.

After my TB replacement, I asked the mechanic about the leak and he said it was just a bolt that had to be backed out and greased back up and sealed. He was a Honda guy and said he's seen the issues hundreds of times.

He did say it would be a little work because he'd have to take a lot of stuff off from a tire, suspension standpoint to get to it...but it was really just all labor.

Any of this make sense?
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