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Picked up my RTS yesterday afternoon!

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Spent today moving in and figuring out all of the stuff it does. Can't find enough excuses to go for a ride. Already moved some 6 foot doors. No problem with the tailgate open. Lots of ways to tie stuff in. The sound system is AWSOME! The trunk gets ooohs and ahhs from everyone.
It's not my imagination - other drivers are checking me out at stop lights.
The snow is bad here in Connecticut, but the Ridgeline drives like it's glued to the road. Only criticism I have is the view in the rearview mirror was obstructed by the rear head rests. They are now riding in the trunk. I've attached a photo.

Why am I a "Junior" member? I've got a Ridgeline in my driveway!!


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congrats on your new baby ...... still waiting for mine .... :cool:
Hey steveberger...

Where did you buy yours... I'm in Connecticut as well and still looking for a Black NAVI. Did you pay MSRP? Thanks!
steveberger said:
Why am I a "Junior" member? I've got a Ridgeline in my driveway!![/QUOTE]

Heheh.. just based on number of posts. Edit your profile when you get a chance though so your RL info will be on display for all to see.

Congrats and welcome!
Congratulations on your new wheels. Hopefully mine will be here near the beginning of April.

Welcome to the boards.

Congrats!!! I may be new to ROC (joined yesterday), but you are correct about people looking long at stop lights. I drove my silver RTS home Feb. 26th and must have been wave down 15 time in the first weekend. I even had someone follow me into a store to ask questions!!!

I also agree with your comment about the rear view mirror - it is my only complaint though!
Like your truck and congrats! Just yesterday, I stopped in at my favorite gas station and was approached by two guys, one from each direction wanting to know specifics. They were very impressed with the Ridge and asked where I bought it. Told them where and said to tell the owner Dave sent them. I laughed and also told them I had been bugging the owner everyday till mine came in two weeks ago. That's why he new me. :D
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