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Positive Observations:

The beige cloth interior looks much better than I expected. Will cover anyway with black front and rear seat covers as I have a chocolate lab.

The White Diamond whatever color it is looks fantastic. Feel like I lucked out as there were no RTS' available and I took whatever was available. Build date of September. It reminds me of my Oxford White 93 Ford Ranger V6 2wd 5 speed manual that I missed a lot until today.

Holy crap, what a lot of value for the 2nd lowest trim. It's lack of features makes things simple but I still have all the functionality (with the exception of Sirius and Lane Watch and Sensing) that I have in my other Hondas and it even has remote start. There is no way I would pay 8-10k more to get these features in an E trim along with the other stuff that doesn't matter to me in a truck. Honda got it all wrong, they should do LX, EX, etc. like they do in Canada. The Canadians get all the good stuff and rightfully so, they pay a lot.

It fits in the Garage, no need to fold in the mirrors although I'm sure that I will graze them one day. There is about 5 inches to spare.

Seating position is excellent even without power seats. Much more comfortable than my 2014 Accord EXL-V6.

It's very quiet almost too quiet once the engine revs drop to like 2k RPM's. Very little road noise compared to every other Honda that my family has owned. I think I'm going to get a speeding ticket, have very little sense of speed with this truck.

The storage bin is huge.

Sometimes I think that the lower trim wheels look better than the upper trim wheels but I plan on having a set of each if I get snows.
I agree the lower trims are a great value! I wanted all the bells and whistles so I reluctantly was willing to pay the price for my RTL-E

IMO the trims from low to high should not be $15k apart but maybe $10k. You really get the same performance truck from the lowest trim AWD to the highest trim just minus the tech, sound and sensing. If one is looking for utility the lower trims still have a lot to offer and are really the best value.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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