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Looking for help from the RTT crowd here on the forum. After much deliberation, I've decided a RTT is the way to go for my car camping adventures. User KSPhoto has done EXACTLY what I am looking to do and that is to have the tent below the roofline.

I'm at a bit of a loss as to what components are needed to make this project happen. For bed rails, the VanTech adapters seem to be the way to go. No? Looking for help on towers, rails and any other needed pieces. Do I need towers? Yakima rails better over Thule? Any specific rail/tower combo people have had luck with? Etc.

I feel that asking what RTT is preferred is opening a can of worms for this discussion and I feel like I've got that choice narrowed down pretty well. But... I wont turn down any suggestions there too!

Much appreciated on any help here!

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