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Pilot bigger brakes on the ridgeline?

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I have done some reading about people putting the pilot bigger brakes on the ridgeline the problem I'm having is what years work? I have a 2008 so do I need 2008 pilot? Any difinitive answer would be great.
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I'm actually planning to use ALL OEM Calipers and pads...still debating on using Centric Rotors. Assuming Centrics are just refurbished OEMs, I'm using their data since its the only source of publicized info. I will indeed measure them when I get them.
If you mean "are Centric rotors refurbished OEM?" The answer is no. Rotors aren't a typcial refurb item; replacment rotors will pretty much always be new.
Over the years, my 06 Ridge has had issues with "warped" rotors. I do lots of city stop and go driving. The Raysbestos brand rotors (they probably all come from 2-3 suppliers in China anyways) that are currently on the truck have lasted the longest. OEM's were acting up at 30k miles.

As to calipers . . .Refurbished calipers are rebuilt OEM ones. That is why there is a core charge. I personally think that you would be wasting your money on new OEM (How much do they want?) You can get refurbed OEM for <$70 per side with core or about $120 with core. I have been contemplating whether they would notice if I sent them my stock Ridgeline caliper back as a core. If you get the "semi loaded" calipers they come with the mounting bracket (which I am pretty sure<but not certain>is needed for swapping the Pilot brakes onto the Ridge). For new OEM the caliper and mounting bracket has got to cost a small fortune.

Have Fun!
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You might be surprised.... if an aftermarket mfg knows they can make one common pad to satisfy multiple applications, they certainly would consider the economies of scale when defining their "replacement" version product.
I would say that is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that the observed size differences are related to different pad manufacturers. Bigger rotors with larger calipers and matching larger brake pads. End of story . . . .

Looks good and thanks for the pics and details. Did you replace the brake lines as well?
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