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Pilot bigger brakes on the ridgeline?

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I have done some reading about people putting the pilot bigger brakes on the ridgeline the problem I'm having is what years work? I have a 2008 so do I need 2008 pilot? Any difinitive answer would be great.
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Did you go for it Turbo? Front or back? MDX or Pilot?
I read the other threads but they seemed to fizzle out when specifics were requested about compatibility.
I think I'm going to try this, but I do wonder why Honda used the smaller brakes on the Ridge? Think it's because the Pilot is a family car and they wanted bigger (safer) brakes on it? While us cowboys in our Ridgelines can risk our necks??
I, too, would like to knew if the rears could and should be done? I'm at about 52k on my RL, so now is the time to start pondering these things.
Since I'm in need of both front & rear brakes at the current time I'm researching this currently & should have some results or findings in the next week or so.

What I know so far.

Vehicles which use the 5*120mm pattern are: 2006-14 Ridgeline, 2008-13 Acura MDX, 2009-14 Pilot, 2005-12 Odysesy & possibly current (13,14,15) more research required. So to answer the question "I have an '08 Ridgeline do I need an '08 MDX, NO, any of the years listed will work, this is an interchangeable part over these years. A 2006 Ridgeline & a 2014 are the same, as is a 2008 MDX and a 2013 as is a 2009-14 Pilot, and actually if you own a 2008-13 MDX the Pilot Rotors & Pads are the same part number (only validated on one site)

Of all the options the Ridgeline rears are the largest production rear disc brakes that Honda installed (currently validated on just one site). The fronts are largest on the MDX & Pilot, although by the numbers I've found I'm unsure if the costs are really worth it, especially since I haven't found the part numbers to answer my final questions.

So if someone owns one of the other vehicles MDX or Pilot, or has done this upgrade, is the bracket which holds the caliper the same? Can I use my Ridgeline bracket to bolt the Pilot/MDX caliper or is the bracket bolt pattern the same and that where the transition occurs?

Meaning buy the bracket, & calipers for either from anywhere, new, used(junk yard) or reman from a typical parts store. Then purchase rotors & pads, your choice from, stock replacements, to EBay or parts store brand, or EBC, Hawk, or Akebono, to name a few, and your off to the races.

Once I've validated the rotor sizes on a second site I'll post everything, I'm hoping to have info together later this week.

My only other thoughts are, I know others have put BMW wheels on their Ridgeline so there may be a possibility there, but, just guessing very cost prohibitive, and probably only available for the fronts, although that may make a brand like Brembo or other brands may be available.
Looking Forward to your findings! Please don't forget to keep us posted!
No updates yet?! Haha jk I know you have a life. Probably going to move forward with this on my own. No definitive answer on the rears, but since mine are in good shape I'm just going to focus on the fronts. Debating on buying brand new Oem parts... Funny that the Mdx parts are slightly cheaper.

Speaking of, is there any definitive proof that the mdx and pilot brake setups are identical? I'm struggling to find proof...
...ahh here we go:

Cliff notes:

courtesy of IronChef2015:

Okay, let's start with a comparison of the brakes components between the 2012 Acura MDX and my 2015 Honda Pilot. For the record, the rotors, pads, calipers and lines are the same from 2009-2015 for the Pilot. The only difference is a different brake booster from 2012 and up. From 2009-2011 the part number is 01469-SZA-A00. From 2012 through 2015 it is 01469-SZA-A10.

**All information and part numbers are courtesy of Centric parts**

Honda Ridgeline

Front Calipers: 141.40102/141.40101*Dual 45mm Pistons
Rear Calipers: 141.40561/141.40562 *Single 40mm Piston

Acura MDX

Front Calipers: 141.40106/141.40105 *Dual 50.8mm Pistons; Cast #5111; Mount of 14x1.5mm
Front Rotors: 120.40071
Front Pads: 105.13780
Front Stainless Brake Lines: 950.40015
Rear Calipers: 141.40569/141.40570 *Single 43mm Piston; Cast #4315; Mount of 12x1.25mm
Rear Rotors: 120.40072
Rear Pads: 105.12810
Rear Stainless Lines: 950.40513

Honda Pilot

Front Calipers: 141.40108/141.40107 *Dual 47.5mm Pistons; Cast #5111; Mount of 14x1.5mm
Front Rotors: 120.40071
Front Pads: 105.13780
Front Stainless Brake Lines: 950.40015
Rear Calipers: 141.40574/141.40573 *Single 41mm Piston; Cast #4315; Mount of 12x1.25mm
Rear Rotors: 120.40072
Rear Pads: 105.15850
Rear Stainless Lines: 950.40513

To summarize, both use the same brake rotors front and rear, the same brake lines and the same front brake pads. The differences are these:

Acura front brake calipers have 10.4% more total piston surface area per side
Acura rear brake calipers have 4.7% more piston surface area per side
Acura rear brake pads have 4% increased contact with the rotor per side.
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I've got a spreadsheet with a bunch more info. But depending on the source, I'm getting different numbers. Did you just trust the source on Piloteers or check centric.

Plus I hadn't considered checking caliper bore size.

Damn it!!!

Tomorrow I'll be pulling apart my 2006, brakes and checking actual brakes, pads & rotors

Thanks, even more research...
I trusted the source, assuming that the Part numbers provided came from Centric..
Added the some additional stats regarding the Ridgeline to the MDX/Pilot stats on Pg. 1.

Diameter of the front dual pistons are 5.8mm smaller than the MDX / 2.5mm smaller than the Pilot.
Diameter of the rear single piston is 3mm smaller than the MDX / 1mm smaller than the Pilot.

I'm not going to argue that one is better the other, but for those who are wondering, the MDX brakes are indeed larger than the Pilots...and both the MDX and Pilot are larger than the Ridgelines, front and rear.

This has solidified my decision to go w/ MDX breaks since the prices are nearly the same, and in the bit of research I've done, some of the MDX components are cheaper.

If you plan to use all OEM equipment, warping and premature wear of the rotors have been a common issue. But I've seen a lot more reports on the Pilot than I have for the MDX. One more reason to opt for the MDX...
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Since your planning on ordering Centric parts, once in hand will you also verify the size stated, I'll be in my garage most of today, but will get actual numbers of 2006 stock parts to verify what the OEM are. I'm also going to try to go to Autozone & check there parts vs what they state online.

One question, just to verify, does the parts replacement begin with the caliper/rotor/pads or is the bracket required to be replaced
I'm actually planning to use ALL OEM Calipers and pads...still debating on using Centric Rotors. Assuming Centrics are just refurbished OEMs, I'm using their data since its the only source of publicized info. I will indeed measure them when I get them.
If you mean "are Centric rotors refurbished OEM?" The answer is no. Rotors aren't a typcial refurb item; replacment rotors will pretty much always be new.
Over the years, my 06 Ridge has had issues with "warped" rotors. I do lots of city stop and go driving. The Raysbestos brand rotors (they probably all come from 2-3 suppliers in China anyways) that are currently on the truck have lasted the longest. OEM's were acting up at 30k miles.

As to calipers . . .Refurbished calipers are rebuilt OEM ones. That is why there is a core charge. I personally think that you would be wasting your money on new OEM (How much do they want?) You can get refurbed OEM for <$70 per side with core or about $120 with core. I have been contemplating whether they would notice if I sent them my stock Ridgeline caliper back as a core. If you get the "semi loaded" calipers they come with the mounting bracket (which I am pretty sure<but not certain>is needed for swapping the Pilot brakes onto the Ridge). For new OEM the caliper and mounting bracket has got to cost a small fortune.

Have Fun!
Sorry I was not clear, as I was indeed referring to the calipers being re-manned.
Ok, I know Centric Parts states dual 45 mm bore, but...

Without disassembly I cannot check the bore, but the contact area is dual 40mm front & single 40mm rear. I cannot measure the rotors here at home but will be heading out to the weld shop to take measurements this week and try to verify some of the numbers.

I'm thinking for now I'll continue researching but until I have issues with existing calipers, I'll be starting with SS Brake lines & a full bleed, & new OE front pads.
So i measured the OD diameter of the fresh out of the box OEM rotors with a mic, and I'm getting 46.3mm. So, like your findings, they are not lining up w/ Centric's data.

However, the portion of the piston inside the caliper could be larger than the actual portion that makes contact with the pad. I've never removed a brake piston so I can't confirm, however an quick google search shows that some some piston designs are have smaller diameter heads and larger diameter bodies...

However, based on your measurements, that's still 6.3mm larger than your measurements...
I'm hoping your 46.3mm is the Caliper, unsure if that's the front and from which possible vehicle, MDX, Pilot, ZDX or?
This measurement is the outer diameter of the pistons from the MDX front calipers I purchased. Again..which based off the image below, doesn't mean anything. The portion of the piston inside the caliper can be larger than the portion that makes direct contact w/ the pad.

Either way they are still larger than the 40mm Ridgelines' based on your measurent. Now if only we could confirm the Pilots'.
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Have you determined how to mount it. Will it use the same caliper bracket as in post #13 above?

If I have time I may go buy a pilot caliper just for entertainment purposes this weekend
I've given Honda the benefit of the doubt and have opted to use the Oem rotors. I have made the assumption that I will need the Mdx brackets (they come with the calipe.. At least if you order from the dealer or online oem retailer.) I'll let you when I get around to the install.


Ridgeline Front Brake Pistons Mic'd at about 40mm:

MDX Front Brake Pistons Mic'd at about 46mm:

MDX vs Ridgeline Brake Pad Height (they're the same):

Ridgeline Pad Length (139mm):

MDX Pad Length (153mm):

MDX Rotor Diameter about 13":

Ridgeline Rotor Diameter about 12-5/8":

Side by Side Comparison of Rotors:

New OEM MDX Rotors, Pads & Calipers Installed:
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Are both of those measured pads the same Mfg/model?
I'm just wondering if the difference in length profile is from the different car model, or if it might just be different mfg variation?
I can only assume what was on the Ridgeline since those were installed before I purchased the truck, however the mdx one's are oem. Regardless, the pads are designed to match the contour of the calipers. It's possible that there may be a few millimeters in variance between mfg... But not a 14mm difference.
You might be surprised.... if an aftermarket mfg knows they can make one common pad to satisfy multiple applications, they certainly would consider the economies of scale when defining their "replacement" version product.
While I don't doubt that, the mdx simply can't fit inside the Ridgeline caliper.

Looks good and thanks for the pics and details. Did you replace the brake lines as well?
Thanks! Too bad the new rotors lost their nice shine after the initial break in process. No, I didn't upgrade or swap brake lines. Just wanted to understand the gains from a simple direct bolt on "upgrade" using oem parts. Although I'm only about half way through the bed-in process I can tell that there is a huge improvementa in braking ability.

If I could do it again I would recommend purchasing the brake "splash guards" of the vehicle's rotors and calipers that you plan to swap. Not necessary, but I only have about 2-3mm of clearance between the guard and the rotor. I haven't run into any issues with it after about 100 miles of driving, so...not required, but for about $30 more it is recommended.
You might have listed it before, but can you say what the total cost is for all of the parts to do this swap? (rotors, pads, etc.) Sounds like it would be a worthwhile investment, especially if towing.
I went the purist route (all OEM BNIB parts) which set me back about $700 from a discounted online OEM Parts dealer and a free shipping promo code. It could be done for near half the price if you went with remanned or refurbed or aftermarket replacement parts.
hey feelmuhpino, 1st awesome read great post ! I have a 2006 and want to do the full MDX upgrade. so from all the info gathered I need to get 2008 MDX rotors / bracket / pads / backing plate to do this is that right ? will this also work for rears as well ? I want to do a complete job to hopefully improve braking . Thanks !


You will need rotors, calipers and pads. By 'backing plate' I'm assuming you mean the dust cover / splash guard. If so, I've found that it's not absolutely required, but if you can spare the change, go ahead and do it.

As for the rears, i can only assume that it will work as I have not yet done it myself. Definitely don't see why they wouldn't work though.

After spending some time driving a rental car I have noticed that the brakes do feel a little bit more "mushy". However , they still perform better than the factory ridgeline brakes. I've heard stainless braided lines would eliminate that mushy feeling if it's any consolation .
ok cool I will look into it . but I am correct in saying that for my 2006 Ridge I will need to order 2008 MDX parts right ?
Yes, 08-13 I believe is what you want. I have a 2011, and I looked specifically for a 2012.
Guys, my research says RL Rears are biggest Honda ever made.

Someone do some more research and confirm what EBC & PowerSlot have for sizes

I updated the post I made on page 1 based on my findings from Centric's info awhile back. And ridgeline is still the smallest. I already bought the mdx pads, just haven't gotten rotors and calipers..if some happens to have a set of ridgeline rear pads sitting around we can compare pad sizes.
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