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Pilot bigger brakes on the ridgeline?

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I have done some reading about people putting the pilot bigger brakes on the ridgeline the problem I'm having is what years work? I have a 2008 so do I need 2008 pilot? Any difinitive answer would be great.
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Since I'm in need of both front & rear brakes at the current time I'm researching this currently & should have some results or findings in the next week or so.

What I know so far.

Vehicles which use the 5*120mm pattern are: 2006-14 Ridgeline, 2008-13 Acura MDX, 2009-14 Pilot, 2005-12 Odysesy & possibly current (13,14,15) more research required. So to answer the question "I have an '08 Ridgeline do I need an '08 MDX, NO, any of the years listed will work, this is an interchangeable part over these years. A 2006 Ridgeline & a 2014 are the same, as is a 2008 MDX and a 2013 as is a 2009-14 Pilot, and actually if you own a 2008-13 MDX the Pilot Rotors & Pads are the same part number (only validated on one site)

Of all the options the Ridgeline rears are the largest production rear disc brakes that Honda installed (currently validated on just one site). The fronts are largest on the MDX & Pilot, although by the numbers I've found I'm unsure if the costs are really worth it, especially since I haven't found the part numbers to answer my final questions.

So if someone owns one of the other vehicles MDX or Pilot, or has done this upgrade, is the bracket which holds the caliper the same? Can I use my Ridgeline bracket to bolt the Pilot/MDX caliper or is the bracket bolt pattern the same and that where the transition occurs?

Meaning buy the bracket, & calipers for either from anywhere, new, used(junk yard) or reman from a typical parts store. Then purchase rotors & pads, your choice from, stock replacements, to EBay or parts store brand, or EBC, Hawk, or Akebono, to name a few, and your off to the races.

Once I've validated the rotor sizes on a second site I'll post everything, I'm hoping to have info together later this week.

My only other thoughts are, I know others have put BMW wheels on their Ridgeline so there may be a possibility there, but, just guessing very cost prohibitive, and probably only available for the fronts, although that may make a brand like Brembo or other brands may be available.
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I've got a spreadsheet with a bunch more info. But depending on the source, I'm getting different numbers. Did you just trust the source on Piloteers or check centric.

Plus I hadn't considered checking caliper bore size.

Damn it!!!

Tomorrow I'll be pulling apart my 2006, brakes and checking actual brakes, pads & rotors

Thanks, even more research...
Since your planning on ordering Centric parts, once in hand will you also verify the size stated, I'll be in my garage most of today, but will get actual numbers of 2006 stock parts to verify what the OEM are. I'm also going to try to go to Autozone & check there parts vs what they state online.

One question, just to verify, does the parts replacement begin with the caliper/rotor/pads or is the bracket required to be replaced

Is this the part


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Ok, I know Centric Parts states dual 45 mm bore, but...

Without disassembly I cannot check the bore, but the contact area is dual 40mm front & single 40mm rear. I cannot measure the rotors here at home but will be heading out to the weld shop to take measurements this week and try to verify some of the numbers.

I'm thinking for now I'll continue researching but until I have issues with existing calipers, I'll be starting with SS Brake lines & a full bleed, & new OE front pads.
So i measured the OD diameter of the fresh out of the box OEM rotors with a mic, and I'm getting 46.3mm. So, like your findings, they are not lining up w/ Centric's data.

However, the portion of the piston inside the caliper could be larger than the actual portion that makes contact with the pad. I've never removed a brake piston so I can't confirm, however an quick google search shows that some some piston designs are have smaller diameter heads and larger diameter bodies...

However, based on your measurements, that's still 6.3mm larger than your measurements...
I'm hoping your 46.3mm is the Caliper, unsure if that's the front and from which possible vehicle, MDX, Pilot, ZDX or?
Have you determined how to mount it. Will it use the same caliper bracket as in post #13 above?

If I have time I may go buy a pilot caliper just for entertainment purposes this weekend
I've given Honda the benefit of the doubt and have opted to use the Oem rotors. I have made the assumption that I will need the Mdx brackets (they come with the calipe.. At least if you order from the dealer or online oem retailer.) I'll let you when I get around to the install.
Would you mind taking a few pictures and posting them of what you purchased and have for your install when you get started.
Guys, my research says RL Rears are biggest Honda ever made.

Someone do some more research and confirm what EBC & PowerSlot have for sizes

Larger Front Rotors are on Honda Pilot 2009-14 possibly (15), Acura MDX 2007-13 & Acura ZDX 2010-13.

Since ZDX is on list I'm thinking Crosstour may also fit, I haven't researched this yet

PM me with an email address if you want my excel file, and some other files
I know I've seen the Centric data on there site, I guess I'm just suggesting to double check
No, I haven't done the swap out yet. I believe that "feelmuhpino" is the only active member having done this. I'd PM him maybe you can talk to him directly.

I was planning on doing it as I'm planning on getting a travel trailer to tow behind the RL soon. But with my replacement radiator failing, and the problems of doing that, & deciding that I needed to do my timing belt, I just really don't have the spare cash. In addition I found I had a brand new set of OEM front brake pads, which I got for free. A buddy had a RL but when the downturn happened he sold his RL to save his house.

So with that said, I'm putting it off for a while.

But Nothing I've found from Honda/Acura lists sizes/dimensions of Brakes (Pads/Rotors/Calipers). So we have to go to outside sources. Centric lists one size, PowerStop another, EBC another, and that is just for the Front. Yet, and this is the crazy part, each will list the same up sized part for all (PILOT/MDX/ZDX)

Then there is the Rears, my findings are the Rear rotor for the RL is the largest. But no matter what, the other problem with the rear is the rotor is also a drum for your parking brake, so if you change it you may also need all the parts for the parking brake to swap those out.

I've seen this job done using junk yard parts, & NIB OEM parts as there are 2-3 different threads on this topic.


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