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Pilot bigger brakes on the ridgeline?

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I have done some reading about people putting the pilot bigger brakes on the ridgeline the problem I'm having is what years work? I have a 2008 so do I need 2008 pilot? Any difinitive answer would be great.
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I know I've seen the Centric data on there site, I guess I'm just suggesting to double check
I know I've seen the Centric data on there site, I guess I'm just suggesting to double check
I see you also have a 2006 have you converted to the bigger brake setup yet? if so which one did you go with Pilot or MDX ? I am just trying to order the right parts once with no returns . Just to confirm this is a direct bolt on as well . Thanks for all the info .
No, I haven't done the swap out yet. I believe that "feelmuhpino" is the only active member having done this. I'd PM him maybe you can talk to him directly.

I was planning on doing it as I'm planning on getting a travel trailer to tow behind the RL soon. But with my replacement radiator failing, and the problems of doing that, & deciding that I needed to do my timing belt, I just really don't have the spare cash. In addition I found I had a brand new set of OEM front brake pads, which I got for free. A buddy had a RL but when the downturn happened he sold his RL to save his house.

So with that said, I'm putting it off for a while.

But Nothing I've found from Honda/Acura lists sizes/dimensions of Brakes (Pads/Rotors/Calipers). So we have to go to outside sources. Centric lists one size, PowerStop another, EBC another, and that is just for the Front. Yet, and this is the crazy part, each will list the same up sized part for all (PILOT/MDX/ZDX)

Then there is the Rears, my findings are the Rear rotor for the RL is the largest. But no matter what, the other problem with the rear is the rotor is also a drum for your parking brake, so if you change it you may also need all the parts for the parking brake to swap those out.

I've seen this job done using junk yard parts, & NIB OEM parts as there are 2-3 different threads on this topic.


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