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pilot upgrade?

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Ok I am planning on getting my ducks in a row. I have the 07 RTL, I have read on here the same year pilot, pads rotors and calipers are they way to go.

Anyone that has done this wanna chime in with experience, worth it or waste of time and money?

Thanks in advance .
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I have a 2008 with 50,000 miles on it and it's not even close to needing brakes or other related parts, I have a buddy who's 2006 Ridgeline went 125,000 before a brake job, I see no reason for such expense when not needed.

Pilot Brake Upgrade

Been done, check the thread.
thanks for finding a good thread
Here are a bunch of helpful links for Brakes, I was compiling this list for myself, hope it can help your research. When there was a chance that I was going to acquire a travel trailer, improving the brakes was a priority. Then the trailer was in an accident and it was considered a total loss. Additionally I got a set a OEM brake pads for free, so for now I have a new set of free "OEM" and new pads front, last year and newer set of OEM rears, I installed 3-4 years ago around 60k miles, and I have a "spare set" of OEMs on the shelf, that I acquired with the fronts which were installed about 75k. I'm assuming I'll install another rear set at 120k, then if I'm keeping the G1, maybe I'll replace the whole system around 150k without any other issues, or acquisitions (Hoping for a trailer in the near future). I do have a table that I was compiling on various information that I could find on brake sizes and such, but I'm sure I've posted it in at least one of the threads below, but looking at the copy I have, I realize that it's not complete, I may have a more complete one else where if your interested 88rover, PM me, Carsmak

I've never felt that the brakes on the G1 were very robust, and I'm disappointed to read that the G2 brakes don't sound significantly better

Pilot bigger brakes on the RL

Pilot brake swap, Bigger Calipers,Rotors, Pads

New EBC rotors, Pads and Calipers and brake lines etc fitted

Brake Fluid Change See Post 34

Rear Rotor's FWIW
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The Bracket that the Caliper hangs on has no separate part number, actually looking at this I understand why some are opting to buy rotor assemblies (Part #5 and Part #6), although expensive, no core to purchase and then exchange for a remanufactured part.

On the other hand if your so inclined, if you could pickup the Pilot calipers, and brackets from a salvage yard, the rebuild parts from Honda seem very affordable, although I'm unsure if I would have the ability to rebuild a set of calipers, if rebuilt wrong, I could see so many things happening that would be bad...

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can you compare these to 07 RL?
45251-SJC-A50 RL rotor
45019-SJC-A01 rl caliper
can you compare these to 07 RL?
45251-SJC-A50 RL rotor
45019-SJC-A01 rl caliper
Unsure what your looking for, maybe the part diagram similar to the one above or the same source as above for these two parts?

I also sent you a pm. Tomorrow will be a busy day I may not get back in until late Sunday or early parts of next week
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