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I just filled up my 07 with 23 gallons of 93 for the first time and I have noticed the extra power. It took a little bit to work out the 2 gallons of 87 I had at the bottom, but now I can feel the 93. I fill it up until I can see the gas right at the opening. It's pretty sweet and its making me want to slap an intake and a nice throaty, semi italian sounding exhaust on there so I get all the horses awake. The gas paired with the cooler night time air gives it a nice bump. Even got all four spinning in the rain the other day and boy was I excited. :D
23 gallons? Are you sure? Tank only holds 22!

Beware of contaminating the vapor recovery system by filling to the brim. It can be an expensive repair.
I like the way the last two gallons of 87 stayed at the bottom of the tank so he could get rid of it. :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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