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Please help! Back up camera install

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i have a 2007 ridgeline and bought a aftermarket kenwood radio and back up camera. i got the camera mounted and got it wired to reach the radio but im kinda lost on how to hook it up so it will work when i put car in reverse. i dont know what wire under dash i splice it to
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Here is a thread showing what you need to do.

There is a reverse wire in the wire loom behind the fuse panel in the driver's side footwell. The wire you're looking for is solid green and can be seen in the pictures of the threads above. You can either use a Posi-tap (quick and easy) or you can attempt to strip, splice and solder in a wire leading to the new head unit. There will be settings within the head unit you'll need to fiddle with to make it work. You'll need to consult the instruction manual for your head unit for that.

Lastly, if you have a DVD head unit and wish to use the DVD player while you're driving, you'll need to bypass the head unit to make it think the truck is in park at all times. There is a trick with a resistor (purchased from eBay) that can be done to achieve this. While you have everything out, it's much easier to do then. I did it to mine and it worked like a charm. I'm a little foggy on what goes where since it was many years ago, but it's a good thing to do.
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Connect the purple and white wire from the back of your Kenwood HU with the green wire mentioned in the previous thread.

Here is a labelled pic. The green wire from the connector goes behind the fuse panel and into the wire loom from where you can tap it. It will show 12v when you put the vehicle in reverse and zero v when not in reverse. There are multiple green wires in the bundle so you will have to test a few before finding the right one using a meter.
In the middle of the pic, just above the 'R' in the words 'Trunk Release' you can see the bundle of wires with some black tape wrapped around it. Put your tester on 20 or 50 DCV, put the black pin on a metal surface and poke the green wires with the red pin till you find the right one.


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