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Please no VCM Honda

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Disclaimer......I do love Honda's, no wheels, two wheeled or four.

As I imagine a lot of you are doing, I have been waiting for every scrap of news about the new RL. The one thing I hope doesn't make it onto the truck is VCM.

I just recently bought a 2012 Pilot which when Googled showed no indication the problems that VCM have inflicted on most if not all Pilot owners. From oil consumption issues due to coked up oil rings, from too much gas injected into the 3 working cylinders; resulting in piston ring replacement; to replacing driveshafts and carrier bearings, to active engine mounts being ruined to the tune of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

My truck had its rings replaced at 51,000 kms which was only disclosed to me when the extended warranty was transferred to me upon signing the contract. I did have 120 days to do an exchange, but I found something to ease my mind.

I keep my vehicles for the long run and putting this device on my Pilot has made my truck work better and hopefully last longer.

I don't know how anyone could engineer a beautiful 6 cylinder engine to run on 3 cylinders and expect it to last and not vibrate itself, and everthing else around it to death.

Hopefully Honda will rethink designing a system, just for a mpg test, considering the implications further down the road in warranty costs. If not, please include an OFF button or I will have to order up another VCMuzzler.

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It is unclear to me how Honda could put VCM in the RL. I can not see how the vehicle can drop to just 3 cylinders at any speed while hauling or towing. What am I missing?

You are missing physics 101, Newton actually. A body in motion will tend to stay in motion.

Once you get a mass accelerated, it is much easier to keep it moving than to get it started. Driving down the interstate at 70 mph does not take as much HP as getting that vehicle up to that speed. Accelerating the mass from rest is hard. Keeping it going is easier so dropping three cylinders at cruising speed will save fuel. As soon as you accelerate to pass the VCM goes away, as it did from start to cruise speed. Hope that helps.
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