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Please no VCM Honda

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Disclaimer......I do love Honda's, no wheels, two wheeled or four.

As I imagine a lot of you are doing, I have been waiting for every scrap of news about the new RL. The one thing I hope doesn't make it onto the truck is VCM.

I just recently bought a 2012 Pilot which when Googled showed no indication the problems that VCM have inflicted on most if not all Pilot owners. From oil consumption issues due to coked up oil rings, from too much gas injected into the 3 working cylinders; resulting in piston ring replacement; to replacing driveshafts and carrier bearings, to active engine mounts being ruined to the tune of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

My truck had its rings replaced at 51,000 kms which was only disclosed to me when the extended warranty was transferred to me upon signing the contract. I did have 120 days to do an exchange, but I found something to ease my mind.

I keep my vehicles for the long run and putting this device on my Pilot has made my truck work better and hopefully last longer.

I don't know how anyone could engineer a beautiful 6 cylinder engine to run on 3 cylinders and expect it to last and not vibrate itself, and everthing else around it to death.

Hopefully Honda will rethink designing a system, just for a mpg test, considering the implications further down the road in warranty costs. If not, please include an OFF button or I will have to order up another VCMuzzler.

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I'm hoping that "being socially responsible" comment by Rollin was just a passing thought that slipped in. No offence intended.

We could talk all night about one person's view of social responsibility vs. another. You could make the case for restricting yourself to a certain size vehicle 'cause you really don't "need" something that uses that much fuel. You could make the case that you shouldn't buy a new vehicle until the one you have crumbles to the ground (conservation). There's an endless stream of judgments we could make about what one should or shouldn't do.

We all have our own lives to live in this used-to-be free country, & doing the best we can is hard enough w/o worrying if the next guy is carrying his load, especially in areas like this that are so subjective. I know I'm on a soap box, but the tendency in this country to pressure others to a "socially correct" path has just gotten out of control. I'm just sayin'...
I thought my comment came across as more sarcastic ... ....
That's kind of what I was thinking might be the case. My sensors just need calibrating I guess. :act024:
And as life goes on our needs change with regards to vehicles. You line up the candidates and maybe see where a Honda fits in. If it does not there are always alternatives.

A Honda N600 coupe, a 2002 MDX, a 2003 CRV, were 3 very reliable and useful vehicles at the time. Many, many non-Honda cars and trucks filled the gaps between those. But the RL has always stood out as a treasure on it's own merits.
Sorry for the topic-stray.... but what the heck were you doing with an N600? And when?
That should be "not a lick of problems"
Say Longboat.... if you didn't know, there's an edit button at the bottom of posts that you create that allows you to go back & fix 'em after the fact. You do have to be logged in to see it however. It's right next to the "quote" button.
Those of us that are concerned with VCM for the most part are not worried about driveability so much. More concerned about long term maintenance (post warranty) and engine longevity. The Ridgeline also weighs about 1000 lbs more than an Accord so the transitions may not be as smooth. I will run my 2012 Ridgeline, like my first 2006 Ridgeline, out to about 7 or 8 years and 200,000 miles. Hope I'm wrong about VCM but I've been building engines and racing them for about 35 years. I am concerned.
Exactly! How well are those "active" motor mounts going to be doing 10 years in @ 160K miles? My '06 is doing just fine in that department, and expect it to a stay that way. The reason they have those active mounts is because they are damping the natural vibration that comes with VCM (as it exists today). You can't tell me that a smooth running engine (w/o the vibration) is not generally "easier" on a vehicle than one with a motor that shakes enough that you have to have special mounts to counter it. I wouldn't be surprised if those mounts don't become one of those regular "do it with the timing belt" kind of things. I'm just sayin'.......

(I'll be happy to be proven wrong, but unfortunately only time will tell.... and therein lies the risk)
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