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Installed new spark plugs today and 1 more TPMS ......All plugs loose and 1 had soot on it and coil stem covered in deposits.
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Be sure to torque to 13 ft lbs, and like any "torqued" item recheck within say 25 miles or maybe 5 restarts from a cold engine. Also being an aluminum head, I'd only change and torque on a cold engine. FWIW
Being that the spark plugs in these engines have been known to become loose over time, I've become accustomed to checking and re-torquing the plugs every 12-18 months or so. Doesn't take much time to take off the coils and shove a torque wrench on them. As to not stress the threads more than they should be, I don't remove the plugs - just set to the recommended value and torque.
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