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Have you found moisture under your rear flooring in your 2017+ Ridgeline?

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I have read your posts also, thanks for doing so. I thought that it was coming in through the back window also because the bottom weather stripping looks like it was installed half assed, it actually goes below the glass behind the passenger side. My dealer is removing the back seats and carpeting as we speak and hope they do find where the water is entering. It is very disappointing because my 2008 RTX was still running good with 165,00 miles on it and I spent more money on this 2021 than I ever spent on a vehicle in my life and I am retired. They say you live and learn, I don’t know if that’s true anymore. LOL!
Can you get your 2008 RTX back? Personally, I'm quite partial to them and it sounds like yours served you well. I'm at 152k miles now and not even tempted by a G2. Good luck with the water leak...
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