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Have you found moisture under your rear flooring in your 2017+ Ridgeline?

POLL: Have you found water under the carpet in your 2017+ Ridgeline?

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This is my first posting but have been lurking for a couple of years. I had a 2008 RTX that I traded in for a 2021 Ridgeline Sport back in March. After reading a post on the water intrusion problem I decided to check mine by pulling up the sill plate and checking under the carpeting and found the foam under the carpet soaked on the rear seat on the passenger side. I have it at the dealer at the present time and they’ve ordered new carpeting and removing the rear seats, etc., to try and locate the leak. They claim that they have not seen this problem before on the 2021 Ridgelines and I believe that the reason is because owners don’t realize it’s leaking because you can’t tell by just feeling the top of the carpet, you have to check underneath. I love this truck and it’s my second Ridgeline and feel the dealer will make this right but want to get the word out to other owners of 2021 Ridgelines that aren’t aware of this problem . Hopefully Honda will be made aware of this issue and correct it. My build date by the way is 2/21. Good luck, it’s still a great truck in spite of certain build problems.
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I would fire his ass.
Worked in power plants for years, and I've found that repeated maintenance issues are usually the result of poor design, not poor maintenance.
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