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Have you found moisture under your rear flooring in your 2017+ Ridgeline?

POLL: Have you found water under the carpet in your 2017+ Ridgeline?

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This is my first posting but have been lurking for a couple of years. I had a 2008 RTX that I traded in for a 2021 Ridgeline Sport back in March. After reading a post on the water intrusion problem I decided to check mine by pulling up the sill plate and checking under the carpeting and found the foam under the carpet soaked on the rear seat on the passenger side. I have it at the dealer at the present time and they’ve ordered new carpeting and removing the rear seats, etc., to try and locate the leak. They claim that they have not seen this problem before on the 2021 Ridgelines and I believe that the reason is because owners don’t realize it’s leaking because you can’t tell by just feeling the top of the carpet, you have to check underneath. I love this truck and it’s my second Ridgeline and feel the dealer will make this right but want to get the word out to other owners of 2021 Ridgelines that aren’t aware of this problem . Hopefully Honda will be made aware of this issue and correct it. My build date by the way is 2/21. Good luck, it’s still a great truck in spite of certain build problems.
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I think it's imperative that every RL owner point their truck downhill, put a hose in the bed and let the water flow.
I have a tonneau cover and park the truck in the garage.

I'm guessing that even if my truck had faulty seam sealing, that I likely wouldn't have a leaking issue?
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I realize most people aren't as particular as me and don't mind letting the dealership attempt to take care of the problem.
But has anyone successfully dealt with these leaks themselves?
If I find a water issue, I couldn't bring myself to let the dealership goons tear apart my truck to find/repair these leaks.

I think I would use a combination of 'Flex Seal' products to fix the issue.
Start with the aerosol Spray product to get deep in the seam, then use the Liquid or Tape products as a second layer of defense.
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I don't know what steps they took to clean/disinfect it,
I can very easily answer that for you...they did NOTHING to clean/disinfect it.
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The following pictures were posted by two separate people.
  • Are these two pictures looking at the same general area, but from different angles?
  • Or are these entirely separate areas, indicating multiple points of water intrusion?

Put another way...
Is the yellow rectangle in the first picture showing the same area labeled as slot #1 or #2 in the second picture?
Or do these two pictures collectively show THREE possible areas of leakage?


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They took that to heart and sent in their best 6 year old to smear that entire lower seam with goo.

View attachment 413873
This is exactly why I don't take my vehicle to the dealership service department for anything other than a serious recall or TSB.
I'd much rather do the job correctly myself than let some idiot perform a hack job like pictured above.
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Of the people reporting water under the carpet...
how many have a tonneau cover installed?

I checked my truck after being in a torrential downpour for 1+ hours, which was preceded a day earlier by a hand wash where lots of water was sprayed on the back window, and found no trace of water.
Is your bed covered or open? I have a factory tonneau cover and mine is far.
My truck bed is covered with a Truxedo Lo Pro soft Tonneau cover.
It is also under cover in my garage if I'm not driving it.
ok, got the truck back yesterday, they say its repaired, i hope so. i get it home and saw that the top rails on the bed were not sitting flush and buckled outward. they said that they removed the side panels to make the repair. back on the phone again today..
This is why any waterproofing that might need to be done will be performed by ME, not the incompetent/careless dealership staff.
I can't believe how many people trust their $35K-$45K vehicles to these bozos.
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However, I'm not sure denigrating those that don't have the time, talent or space to do the same is necessarily helpful. That said, that appears to have been some poor work on Cjmit's truck. Even though water intrusion appears to have been a long standing problem, it might be at some point having Honda foot the bill for warranty repairs may trickle down to having the apparent problems in the manufacturing process addressed.
I certainly wasn't trying to "denigrate" anyone.
I was noting my surprise that so many trust the dealership goobers to properly fix these issues.

There are a huge number of posts here outlining the incompetence of dealership service departments, several in this thread alone.
But to your point, you're SOL if you're unable to handle these issues yourself, or find someone competent.
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You said that they "caused multiple other small damages to my truck".
Are you accepting these "small damages" ? Did they acknowledge that they messed up your truck ? Are you going to pursue having the Honda dealer fix them ?
This is the NORM for service work, not the exception.
No way should you go back to the dealer to "fix" these mistakes, because it would just be more of the same crappy work.
llama is correct in taking care of these issues himself, as it is the only way to ensure it gets done correctly.
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