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Have you found moisture under your rear flooring in your 2017+ Ridgeline?

POLL: Have you found water under the carpet in your 2017+ Ridgeline?

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This is my first posting but have been lurking for a couple of years. I had a 2008 RTX that I traded in for a 2021 Ridgeline Sport back in March. After reading a post on the water intrusion problem I decided to check mine by pulling up the sill plate and checking under the carpeting and found the foam under the carpet soaked on the rear seat on the passenger side. I have it at the dealer at the present time and they’ve ordered new carpeting and removing the rear seats, etc., to try and locate the leak. They claim that they have not seen this problem before on the 2021 Ridgelines and I believe that the reason is because owners don’t realize it’s leaking because you can’t tell by just feeling the top of the carpet, you have to check underneath. I love this truck and it’s my second Ridgeline and feel the dealer will make this right but want to get the word out to other owners of 2021 Ridgelines that aren’t aware of this problem . Hopefully Honda will be made aware of this issue and correct it. My build date by the way is 2/21. Good luck, it’s still a great truck in spite of certain build problems.
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Well, add me to the list. Picked up a 2021 Sport last month (built February in Alabama), and still haven't made the first payment or gotten tags. I originally saw this thread (while looking into terrible CarPlay audio) a couple weeks ago. I checked the carpet after a bit of rain, and it was dry.

We had a ton of rain the last couple days. I thought to re-check, and, as you can imagine, the rear foam was soaked underneath. That makes me worried for all the folks saying they don't have the issue... I really think you need to run a hose over the back window/seams, otherwise you might not find out until several weeks or months after a downpour, when your truck starts smelling like mold. :/

You guys are awesome. I could have driven for a year without noticing this. Service drop-off is next Wed.
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If I can just make it until there are better alternatives to the Ridgeline, I'll feel more relaxed. :)
I went from "this is my lifetime truck" to "maybe this will hold me over until the second or third year of the electric F-150" really fast lol.
Me as well, bought my new ridgeline on 4-15.
Another new member! You could say we're flooding the place.

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There has been a lot of rain in the midwest this past week. When I drop mine off I will probably ask the Honda in Toledo if they have any Ridgelines on their lot we can check.
She said they will likely have to order new carpet and said that it’s going to probably be a week before I could have it back. Does anyone know how long I should expect to realistically get my truck back from them? I’ve heard of someone else waiting a month just to receive the carpet.
In Ohio, 30 days of service constitutes a lemon. Law aside, 30 days of service for a new vehicle is insane. I probably wouldn't hesitate to send a lemon law demand at that point.
My new Ridge line was dropped off at the dealership last Thursday the 3rd, talked to them again tonight and was told it should be done tomorrow. They removed front and rear seats, center console and carpet, pressurized the cabin and found two leaks and sealed them. They also removed the two side panels and the bulkhead panel in the bed. The service manager ordered new carpet and other trim pieces in case they might break, these parts and the carpet arrived this morning. They will test it again, reassemble everything and test for a third time, test drive it so nothing is rattling around, and finally detail it so it is like showroom condition... All this on a brand new vehicle with less than 800 miles. My question is, when this is said and done, should I be compensated in any way. You know for pain and suffering, emotional distress etc? I was thinking maybe they could toss in a tube of touch up paint that costs $25.00 which was backordered when I asked about it the day I picked up this sponge.
This sounds like the treatment I would expect in this situation. It's a helluva lot better than some of the horror stories in this thread, anyway. 😭
Is your bed covered or open? I have a factory tonneau cover and mine is far.
The real question is how did you get a factory tonneau cover!

Mine was uncovered, awaiting a tonneau that will probably never come.
I dropped my '21 Sport, ~1300 miles off yesterday morning. I called earlier and asked about a pressure test- they said they don't have the equipment to do that kind of thing.

Heard back this afternoon that the tech found a "tiny" leak, and would seal it. I asked for pictures. They will not replace the carpet, but will dry it and apply some kind of anti-fungal.

I am... skeptical, but hopeful.
I was noting my surprise that so many trust the dealership goobers to properly fix these issues.
It's not a matter of trust. It's a matter of obligation. Honda is obligated to fix warranty issues.

I absolutely don't trust them to. That's why we check them when they come back.

If I don't take the vehicle in for warranty repair, I forfeit accumulating rights towards lemon returns, and establishing a paper trail of their non-compliance with the warranty. That might be great if, like you said, you can "handle these issues yourself," but essentially nobody can handle all warranty repairs themselves. That's why the warranty exists, man.
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Day 8: Fortunately, my service rep has been pretty responsive. Unfortunately... he called this morning to tell me the truck was going to the body shop, as they would likely have to remove the truck bed to do further testing. I don't know how normal that is, but I'm letting them do their thing. The tech was apparently poking around with a boroscope before he decided he couldn't get where he needed to to repair the leak.
I picked up my Ridgeline yesterday morning. According to service guy, the tech had a bit of a personal vendetta against my leak because he couldn't figure out where it was coming from. They ended up sealing every unsealed seam, and re-sealing others. I guess they just repeatedly ran the truck through the carwash to verify it was still leaking. They settled on the culprit being a couple bolts in the rail system on the top of the cab. I'll have to get a picture.

I did manage to get there before they had the rear seats fully installed, so I got to see the seam job from the inside. It seemed (no pun intended) fine to me.

So, an optimistic note. As you can imagine, the truck is very clean from the repeated washes. I noticed nothing out of the ordinary in the bed (which they removed). All of the panels are seated properly, none of the star bolts are stripped, though they have obviously been accessed as I could see a bit of surface wear. Nothing I wouldn't have caused myself. They re-seamed the rear window and I couldn't tell. The tech told me about a scratch on the rear black exterior pillar, which he had already ordered, and that there is a small plastic cap missing from the rear top of the truck, which he had already ordered. I am holding off on my inundation test until those parts are installed. Unless they're on backorder or something.

I drove it from Toledo to Troy and back yesterday and I didn't have any weird noises or anything, so that's reassuring. I noticed some weird car computer issues- they sorted themselves out by the time I started the truck twice, so I'm chalking it up to them having the battery disconnected. In case anyone else has them: (1) Initially, I had no climate control. Turning the fans on and off twice fixed this. (2) The engine auto-stop-and-start feature, which I don't even like that much, wasn't triggering. That is, even with the setting on (i.e. no light on the console), and the brake fully depressed, the engine kept running at stop lights. Hitting the button a couple times didn't help; but it started working after I started the truck in Troy.
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It appears from the posts that "They all do this".
While I had it, it probably only seems like that in this echo chamber. :) We're all here because we had problems one way or another; there are plenty of folks that saw this thread, checked their carpet, found it dry, and moved on with their lives.

For the '21 Sport, I would expect to see more cases as folks discover them. But I'm relatively sure that there are Ridgelines that don't have the issue.

Edit: It would be fun to see a "dry" Ridgeline all taken apart to see how it was sealed/seamed, but people with brand new, dry trucks don't tend to take them apart.
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There have been reported leaks at the roof rail and at the brake light trim fasteners above the rear window. These typically show up as wet headliners or leaks running down the rear glass. I guess it’s possible, if the truck is sitting at the right angle, for a leak to run down the c pillar and onto the rear floor without showing other leak symptoms.
I'm liking the theory less and less.

I said I was going to wait for the two replacement parts to come in before I would inundate my truck. Nature had other plans, and we got a steady rain all morning. Not the torrential downpours we had before, but enough that I thought I should check under the sill plates.

The passenger side felt damp to me, but it might have been in my head. I mean... it's still raining out. I could take some moisture in there with me. I wiped my hands before sticking them in there, but who knows. It was enough to get me motivated, so I pulled off the plastic trim and carpet under the rear driver-side seat, and the wall just above the wet spot was bone dry. Then I pulled the plate from the floor that locks the rear seat support (and carpet) in. Feeling underneath, there is a distinctly wet spot right over the plug that Loup (page 17 of this thread) identified as one of the sources of his leak. But here's the thing... I haven't driven anywhere in rain since I got the truck back. There is no way in hell rain was splashing up from the driveway through that plug. Something else is going on.

I left all the trim off and put a couple layers of blue shop towel between the carpet and that plug. I'll check it when the rain stops (it's supposed to rain on and off all weekend) and see how wet it gets.
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EvanM, LouP here, While you have the L/R oval plug exposed, why not just seal it and after seal cures, continue with your paper towel test. In my case, I had driven several miles in heavy rain and pretty flooded/puddled road.

Again in my case, I had removed ALL the plastic trim, floor door sills, and the ones across the rear panels under the folded seat and I was able to feel around that back panel and there was no evidence at all of damp carpet/sponge padding.
So, turns out I was a bit mistaken. I went back around 2:30pm and was surprised to find the paper towel over that plug was dry, and there was a puddle of water slightly further back. It must be dripping down from somewhere, but dripping clean enough it's not leaving a wet spot on the back wall. The plug didn't really make much sense... the truck has been sitting on a flat gravel driveway all day.

I called Honda just to update my service guy, and he says he's going to escalate the issue there to his manager, who he thinks will involve a regional supervisor. This is somewhat complicated by the fact that I didn't buy from this Honda dealership, but I have mostly kept my salesman from the other dealership in the loop as well.

As far as sealing the plugs: I don't truly have everything exposed- the rear seats are still in, so all that carpet it still looped through the back wall. My approach so far has been to inspect but not repair. I know others disagree here, and to each his own. For myself: I don't work for free, especially not doing work I have already paid for, but also this way there is no chance any of this can come back on me or anything I have done to the truck. I'm still under factory warranty and lemon mileages. If it were otherwise, I'm sure I would be thinking about trying to keep the truck dry at all costs.
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PLEASE consider asking them to take pictures of the inspection area and repair.
Hey, you know what- I forgot that I did ask! And the service guy even mentioned at one point that they took pictures of everything. I'll have to get what I can from him.
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