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Have you found moisture under your rear flooring in your 2017+ Ridgeline?

POLL: Have you found water under the carpet in your 2017+ Ridgeline?

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This is my first posting but have been lurking for a couple of years. I had a 2008 RTX that I traded in for a 2021 Ridgeline Sport back in March. After reading a post on the water intrusion problem I decided to check mine by pulling up the sill plate and checking under the carpeting and found the foam under the carpet soaked on the rear seat on the passenger side. I have it at the dealer at the present time and they’ve ordered new carpeting and removing the rear seats, etc., to try and locate the leak. They claim that they have not seen this problem before on the 2021 Ridgelines and I believe that the reason is because owners don’t realize it’s leaking because you can’t tell by just feeling the top of the carpet, you have to check underneath. I love this truck and it’s my second Ridgeline and feel the dealer will make this right but want to get the word out to other owners of 2021 Ridgelines that aren’t aware of this problem . Hopefully Honda will be made aware of this issue and correct it. My build date by the way is 2/21. Good luck, it’s still a great truck in spite of certain build problems.
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Me as well, bought my new ridgeline on 4-15. After 3 days of rain last weekend, found water under drivers side rear carpet. Dropped it off at the dealership last night. Service manager admitted they had another last week where they had to get a Honda engineer to find the leak and make the repair. If it weren't for this forum this issue would of went unnoticed.
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Another new member! You could say we're flooding the place.

Unfortunately, yes.
I’m hoping they should be able to find and repair the leak rather quickly. I’m just concerned about waiting on new carpet. If anything, I think I should be able to drive my truck while waiting for the carpet. I don’t know.

I’m in NJ. I’d have to look into the specifics of the lemon law here but hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

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My new Ridge line was dropped off at the dealership last Thursday the 3rd, talked to them again tonight and was told it should be done tomorrow. They removed front and rear seats, center console and carpet, pressurized the cabin and found two leaks and sealed them. They also removed the two side panels and the bulkhead panel in the bed. The service manager ordered new carpet and other trim pieces in case they might break, these parts and the carpet arrived this morning. They will test it again, reassemble everything and test for a third time, test drive it so nothing is rattling around, and finally detail it so it is like showroom condition... All this on a brand new vehicle with less than 800 miles. My question is, when this is said and done, should I be compensated in any way. You know for pain and suffering, emotional distress etc? I was thinking maybe they could toss in a tube of touch up paint that costs $25.00 which was backordered when I asked about it the day I picked up this sponge.
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ok, got the truck back yesterday, they say its repaired, i hope so. i get it home and saw that the top rails on the bed were not sitting flush and buckled outward. they said that they removed the side panels to make the repair. back on the phone again today..
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