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Just testing the waters here. I am located in SE PA and have been planning an ATV ride from Yankee Stadium to Citizens Bank Park to raise money for ALS. My cousin has the awful disease. I sold my ATV to a local guy and proceeded to look for a newer one that would stand up to the ride. Long story short, I got scammed for $2100.00 and will never see the money. Nobody hurt, but a huge lesson learned.

My thought is this. 25+ Ridgelines meet at Valley Forge National Park and donate $25 per truck as a pre-registered fee. We could then present the Philadelphia chapter with a check from the ROC at the Annual ALS Walk at Citizens Bank Park on November 7, 2009. I am struggling with the fact that my plan fell apart because of some jerk that preys on people trying to help others. I have hope for humanity and think that the ROC is full of people that can help.

Thank you for reading this...

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