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Hi Folks,

Just signed up to see what the community was like - the wife and I are considering our options to replace an aging Subaru Forester (2005) that has been very good to us, but is on its last legs. I'm not new to forum life, I've been active in the Hyundai Genesis Community since I bought my 2.0T in April of 2009. As you can see, I have a tendency to hold onto vehicles, which is why the long research (and, to the irritation of the sales folks, repeated test-drives) has begun on the Ridgeline - It seems to answer all the questions, both as a family vehicle, and occasional truck use. Home Depot warrior unit. ;)

I'm also not new to Honda life. Prior to the Genesis, I had a 2003 Acura RSX premium. And, honestly, I still miss it, it was fun, reliable, and well built. Which is one of the reasons to look at the new Ridgeline as well.

You don't need to sell me on it, I'm already pretty convinced, but we are doing our due dilligence on it, and the (direct and indirect) competition.

Funny story for you guys - the wife is the primary for the Ridgeline, she wants something extremely useful, but very comfortable. In other words, a truck-car. But....

She hates the first generation Ridgeline. As in, seeing one on the road makes her apoplectic with rage. Something about the design just tweaks her inner designer and doesn't work for her. She's not a car/truck person at all, there's just something about the first generation that really tweaks her the wrong way. So, imagine my surprise when we start shopping, and she falls in love with the second generation!

It's also good to see that the Ridgeline was well represented at SEMA. It's unlikely I'll leave it alone. I mean, it'll stay "stock" for a relative value thereof, but I do anticipate some bolt-ons at least, if/when we pick one up.

So... hi! If we buy one, you'll likely hear a lot more from me.
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