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Premium Audio System vs Standard

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I'm curious if anyone has had an opportunity to compare the two systems. I'm currently driving a first gen Acura RDX and love the ELS system. The latest Acuras have been disappointing though and they've watered down the ELS system over the years so I've been looking at alternatives including the Ridgeline. The RL looks like it would fit my needs perfectly and I do miss having a pickup. I would bet the improved sound deadening over my nearly ten year old RDX would provide a great environment for music.

Anyone have any thoughts on the systems? I see that some have replaced the standard system with custom ones, which is very impressive considering how integrated modern systems are with other car functions.
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I have listened to both. I didn't get a chance to tweak the settings on the higher end one, but I honestly didn't discern a significant difference in sound quality. I do not have audiophile ears though, despite being a musician.
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