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Pressing Lock on the Key Fob sets off Alarm?

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All, I opted for the dealer installed alarm. Every time I press Lock on the key fob when the car is already locked would set off the alarm. Does this happen to you, without the dealer installed alarm?

When I want to perform a remote start, I would have to press unlock first, press lock, then hold down the remote start button. It's annoying but before I have the alarm removed, I want to make sure it's not normal.

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I believe that the key term here is "Dealer Installed Alarm". It obviously isn't installed correctly if is sounds constantly. I'd have them fix it. No, the alarm doesn't go off every time I hit the lock button a second time. However, there is one of the many factory "chirpers" that chirps when I give it the second push. That may be what you are getting. I suspect that there is a setting in the truck or alarm to turn it off in the truck door lock menu. You might look there.
Curious why you purchased a dealer installed alarm when the Black Edition already comes with a factory installed alarm system?

In any event, if it doesn't work as it should, I agree with ScooterS--take it back to the dealer and have them fix it.
Yeah, doesn't sound quite right... mine does not do that but I also didn't let the dealer tinker with the car.
Take it back to the dealer and tell them to remove their crap, hopefully you don't have to pay them to return it to stock.
Thanks guys, I will probably get it removed.
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