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Pricing Pro's and Con's in MT RTL and RTS

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Went to the dealership and looked at an RTL with Moon and Navigation price was just over $37K which just seems to be too much. It included the dealership's $975 market adjustement and another $850 for a Montana Package that included headbolt heater, mud flaps, and towbar. It just seems to me that I can buy alot of other trucks for $37K. Maybe this is the novelty pricing and it will go down. On the plus side I sat in a black RTS with an added chrome strip down the side. I liked the cloth much better than the "leatherette" in the RTL. Pricing was at $31,000 which included the adjustment and the MT package. I wish they were both a bit closer to MSRP. Let me know your findings regarding pricing. In summary, I liked the black RTS with the added chrome - very cool, and a bit closer in pricing.
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What do you get for the "market adjustment"?
nwdiver said:
What do you get for the "market adjustment"?
market adjustment = ripoff :(

Sounds like the dealer is trying to get some some extra cash out of its customers on that RTL. If the price is not right and you dont need the truck right now then wait. Or haggle with the dealer. But the price for the RTS sounds OK. RTS MSRP is 30,075 + 515 dest.
the market adjustment reflects what the majority of the people in your area are willing to pay for the vehicle. just like a dealer can sell you a car below MSRP because of supply and demand, they can charge above MSRP for the same reason.

it does not mean that you have to pay it too, but do not be suprised if the dealer does / does not budge.

if no one is buying the RL in your area, or there are other bonuses / perks to the dealer for selling you the RL then they may budge on the market adjustment. there are tons and tons of factors that go into pricing a vehicle.

if the dealership is not desperate for a sell, there's no real reason for them to budge on the price of the car because as soon as you walk out, someone else will walk in and buy the car.

what state are you in so that the market adjustment is $975 though?
Gamera, that post was made almost two years ago. If you look in the upper left corner you will see the date. When they were just out many people payed over msrp, but now deals can be had like crazy

right about now is when that snickers commercial comes on and says: need a minute? how about a snickers?

i feel really goofy right about now.. :eek:
no worries, this is really my first forum and for about the first month I thought the Join date was when it was posted, then started to see way too many differences. Iv'e got over 500 posts and only learned a few weeks ago about the cartoon bubble right above the text box is for quoting.
well thanks for the help

i've been a lurker on this site for awhile but joined a few days ago, but i'm having a slow day today at work so i was just reading through the site and trying to be helpful by answering questions i had some knowlege on, and i didn't pay a lick of attention to the date of this thread. :D

thanks again :)
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