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Prob getting RL with Nav system

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Probs getting RL w/ nav system

There seems to be some issue with the Nav systems. The dealers in the Chicgoland area have stated that they will be lucky to get one truck with a nav system per month. Indeed, the only one we saw was at the auto show and no local dealer has one in stock. Go figure....
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I think the Nav is only on the RTL with just about everything with a MSRP of $34,640 which get's the price up pretty high. SoI guess that Honda will only make a few available.

Good luck to you though. I would to get a RTS with the NAV but no luck.

There was one Ridgeline in Santa Monica with the Nav, but it was white. Black, in my book, looks much better, so I bought the black with the sun roof and will buy a separate nav system. Any suggestion for a nav sytem?
There is a Silver Ridgeline with Navi and moonroof on the lot in Springfield MO waiting to be bought - at MSRP. :)
Honda is famous for doing this with their navi upgraded units...Take the new '04 TL from Acura....the same shortage occurred.

Basically they just don't want to overproduce these premium units until they see enough demand. Which means you either order one from incoming dealer allocations, have your dealer trade an allocation with another dealer, or wait until they (Honda) see demand is up and then buy when they are producing more units this way (and they will).

Either way, don't pay a premium for the Navi (over MSRP).
I have also had difficulty finding a Navi in the Chicago area, but luckily, mine shipped on Friday, so I should have it in a week or so. I was able to get it for $500 under MSRP and got a roof rack thrown in.

There is a white Navi in Gurnee, IL. I believe they will deal to.

Good luck
Wow, you got it for $500 below MSRP and a free $300 roof rack, including installation that is about a $1,000 below MSRP in value. Sounds too good to be true since everyone is paying MSRP or above, and not getting $500 worth of accessories for free!

Do you work for the dealership ;)
NO, I do not work for a dealer. I had justed called them all and got a feel whether or not they wanted the business and would work for it. Once I got the $500 off I then asked for the roof rack, and since I was first to purchase one from this dealer, they gave it to me.

I'm sure they sell under MSRP.
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