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Prior to assembly we coat the lock & latch components with a chemical that is meant to disburse any moisture and keep those components from freezing. However, on rare occasions, extreme conditions can still circumvent our efforts. I must caution you that if you plan to use another chemical on these components DO NOT use anything that has a silicone base as silicone will be detrimental to the vinyl surface.

The limited range of the in-bed truck lid is the result of the geometry necessary to provide an integrated tailgate lock mechanism. If the rails sat up on top of the OE bedrails, the leading edge of the cover would be elevated above the tailgate and not be able to engage the tailgate lock strip. However, by lowering the unit inside the sidewalls we are able to offer this feature, consequently making the whole bed a secure storage area for items much larger than would fit in the OE trunk area.

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What product would you suggest using on the vinyl top to keep it looking new? Thanks:act030:
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