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I know this is old news and there are a ton of threads scattered on this truck, but wanted to make sure I had everything right as far as putting a replica of this together:

I know light bar doesn't exist and I'm not interested in the step rails. So here is what I know you can purchase to replicate:

-OEM side mouldings (or maybe just paint the indentations with bed liner to get the look)
-OEM fender flares (or ATS Design flares if you can find them)
-OEM taillight guards
-OEM bumper guard

And here is what I can't figure out:
-Does that skid plate thing on the bottom of the front bumper exist or is that a 1-off?
-Looks like the truck has a lift, but does it appear to be a full 2-inch lift? Maybe just a spacer in front to level it? Hard for me to tell, those tires don't actually look all that big.
-Can anyone guess as to wheel and tire size on that truck? Looks like they may have a bigger offset than stock?

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