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Just wanted to give a quick review of the Pyle backup cam found here:

So my Koolertron camera finally suffered from water intrusion after over four years of service. I had used some silicone on the seams, which kept it water-free for a long time. It was a great addition to the truck when I upgraded my sound system back in April of 2011. For $13, I think I got my money out of it.

However, I wanted to find something that was a little more water resistant and more substantial. This Pyle cam is only $21 on Amazon and it's made of metal - not plastic. It's smaller than the Koolertron and all of the power and video connections are exactly the same. It was literally a 10 minute install - plug and play due to the wiring already being done. I will say that the picture quality is several orders of magnitude better than the Koolertron. It's WAY more clear, the colors are much more accurate and the viewing angle seems to be wider. It has the built-in distance-judging lines that are somewhat useful. I still used some clear silicone on the top seam of the cam for good measure, but I don't know how necessary it is.

For such a low price, this backup cam is an absolute steal. Being that it's on the license plate, it's out of the way and doesn't require any overly complicated installation. I can't speak to the longevity yet, but I'd highly recommend it for anyone looking to do a backup cam on a budget.
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